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Cottage Pricing

Pricing for Kids
$85 for
1 Night + 3 Meals
$130 for 2 Nights + 5 Meals
$185 for 3 Nights + 8 Mels
50 for 4 Nights + 12 Meals

Pricing for Adults

$95 for 1 Night + 3 Meals
$145 for 2 Nights  + 5 Meals


Accommodations: 5 Cottages 

Beds per side: 1 Queen with up to 3 bunks 
10 Bunks

More Info:

5 beautiful Cottages with each having a gathering area as you walk in separating the 2 sides. Each side has its own private bathroom and shower, as well as its own heat & A/C. When set up for FAMILY, each side sleeps up to an 8-person family and has a queen bed and a separate room with two bunks with plenty of room to fit a third. When set up for GROUPS, each side sleeps 10 guests with 5 bunks (total of 100 guests). This is the perfect place for family getaways or student ministry. ​We also have a separate bunk-room attached to the Cedar Grove Conference Center which is often used for group leadership and staff. This room also has central heat and air, ceramic tile bathrooms, and linoleum flooring. There are 12 beds (6 bunks). Although it is separate from the cottages, it is in close proximity so that group leaders are always nearby.


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