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  • What all is included when I sign up for family camp?
    Everything is included when you sign up! You will get 3 meals a day + snacks and dessert, lodging, all of our games and activities, our full staff to help your family, our family camp speaker, and programing designed to grow your family.
  • How many people can sleep in a room?
    Our cabins are designed for a 6 person family, but can sleep up to 8. Our inns are designed for a 4 person family, but can sleep up to 6.
  • How old do my kids need to be to attend family camp?
    For the summer of 2023 and 2024, children need to be in 1st grade or older. If you have children younger and still want to attend please contact us.
  • What if my church is signed up for camp but we still have a few spots for families that are available?
    Each camp has a 20 family maximum. If your church does not fill up all 20 spots, you will have the option for us to connect you with other families who do not have a church to attend with in order to fill your remaining spots.
  • If my church is not going to family camp but I still want my family to go, is there availability for individual families to attend?
    For the summer of 2023, only families associated with churches will be able to attend family camp. However, for 2024, we want camp to be open to everyone! In 2024, we will have spots available for individual families, even if their church is not attending!
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